Productivity Performance in Indian Rubber Industry

Prabir Ghosh


Abstract: This article tries to estimate the productivity performance of Indian rubber industry at aggregate level during the period from 1980 – 81 to 2011- 12. Applying Tran slog specification, econometric analysis reveals an increasing trend in TFP growth in Indian rubber industry after economic reforms took place. The analysis of productivity performance in terms of TFPG reveals, in a nut shell, that during pre-reform period, 1980-81 to 1990-91, there was a negative growth in TFP supporting the findings of many earlier studies. But, during post- reform period, 1991-92 to 2011-12, it has been marvelously increased, especially since 2002-03. Therefore it can be concluded that economic liberalization has a significant positive impact on TFPG of Indian rubber industry.


KEY WORDS: Total factor Productivity growth, India, rubber, industry, performance.

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