Conjugate heat and mass transfer of nanofluids over a porous stretching sheet with magnetic effect

Thiagarajan Murugesan, Selvaraj M


Numerical solution has been performed for conjugate heat and mass transfer of  MHD nanofluids over a stretching sheet. The model used for the nanofluid incorporates the effects of buoyancy parameter, the solutal buoyancy parameter and the power - law velocity parameter,  and found to have strong influence on the system. Applying similarity transformations the governing nonlinear partial differential equations are transformed into nonlinear ordinary differential equations and are solved numerically using Gill Shooting method. Numerical results and presented in the form of graphs. The effects of  magnetic parameter, porosity parameter,  Brownian parameter, thermophoresis parameter, Lewis number, Prandtl number on dimensionless velocity, dimensionless temperature, dimensionless concentration, rate of heat transfer and rate of concentration are discussed thoroughly analyzed.


MHD, Nanofluids, Brownian motion, Thermophoresis, Lewis number, Prandtl number.

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