A Study on Profitability of Selected Kindergarten Schools in India: A Field Survey based Exploration




The kindergarten stage of schooling plays a significant role in a child's life because it helps in the development of his mind. At this stage, a child learns the basics of almost all the basic subjects. This means the basics in math, science, reading, writing, social studies, and more. The objective of the present survey based study is to analyze the overall operational pattern of the selected Kinder Garten School of Shyampur area ofHowrahdistrict,India. The study ultimately tries to find out the profitability of the selected Kinder Garden Schools of that region. The entire study is based on the field survey based investigation. For this purpose, we have visited severalKinderGardenSchoolat the selected region. The structured questionnaire has been prepared. This question has been asked to the respondents of the specific centers of our study. Profitability study shows that each of theK.G.Schoolhas increasing level of profitability which is on an average more than 25% p.a. But. Operating cost in each case is too higher, Therefore, it is required to reduce the operating cost to some extent by means of technological efficiency if it possible. Last but not least, it can be said it is needed to diverse the courses of kinder garten schools  in terms of modern updated child psychology nourished  programmes to attract new students in the era of massive rat race prevailed among the parents  of children to make their wards walked on their own foot in life .


Keywords: Kinder Garten, Profitability, Shyampur, India, Children, School.

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