A Semi Analytical Investigation on MHD Micropolar Fluid and Heat Transfer in a Permeable Porous Channel

Thiagarajan Murugesan, Senthilkumar Kandasamy


In this article, an analytical solution for the two-dimensional hydromagnetic flow of incompressible micropolar fluid and heat transfer in a permeable porous channel subject to a chemical reaction is investigated using differential transformation method (DTM). The concept of DTM is briefly introduced and employed to derive solutions of nonlinear differential equations. The analytical results are validated using Maple numerical routine. The effect of significant parameters such as Reynolds number, magnetic parameter, micro rotation/angular velocity and Peclet number on the flow, heat transfer and concentration characters are analyzed. It is found that in the presence of magnetic field, the Reynolds number and Peclet number have direct relationship with Nusselt number and Sherwood number for the case of both suction/injection.


MHD; micropolar fluid; DTM; Reynolds number; Peclet number

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