An Analysis of Factors Affecting Employees’ Job Satisfaction in Brick Kiln Industry of India: A Case Study




The rising demand for residential, commercial, industrial, and public buildings as well as other physical infrastructure owing to rapid urbanization, population growth and at the same time growth inIndia’s economy has resulted increased demand for building materials like solid fired clay bricks with other materials. The study of job satisfaction is a topic of extensive interest to both people who work in organizations and people who study them. The article tries to recognize and assess the factors influencing job satisfaction among brick kiln industry inIndia. It has been found from the analysis that relationship with co-workers favorably influences job satisfaction in brick kiln industry ofIndiaowing the fact that the participants interviewed were satisfied with the relationship with co-workers. Dissatisfaction with pay and promotion, reward system, job security, time pressure on employee, personal life pressure, rapport with immediate manager, economic and market condition expressed by brick kiln employees may indicate concerns about autonomy. The result reveals that workers in brick kiln units of the said region shows neutrality in responding their satisfaction or dissatisfaction level in respect of factors like work conditions, demographic segmentation, job characteristics, overall fairness etc. influencing job satisfaction. This study is congenial for assisting the organization of similar character to take better managerial decision for pinpointing the areas of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of job of the employees indulged in this type of organization.



Key words: Job satisfaction, influencing factors, India, Brick kiln, industry, employees.

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