A Study on Surrealism in the Short Story Oldooz and the Crows

Azam Jahangiri



      This study attempts to analyze Surrealism in Oldooz and the Crows, a short story written by the Iranian author Samad Behrangi. Surrealism is a cultural movement founded in 1920s by the French poet and critic Andre Breton. The surrealists favored in the function of the world of unconscious mind in integrating fancies and dreams to the phenomenal world in order to elaborate a higher reality. They also were interested in Freud's theories about unconscious mind and the power of free imagination especially in Children. Moreover, they insisted on the automatic writing avoiding regular artistic conventions and restrictive rule. In this regard, the researcher tries to discuss the imaginative freedom and childhood dreams propounded in Behrangi's short story Oldooz and the Crows to consider whether this literary work can be considered as a surrealist work or not.


Automatic writing, Childhood dreams, Imaginative freedom, Surrealism

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