Palestinian Nabali-Baladi Olive Oil Quality: Premium Ultra Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classification

Oday Zaid, Orwa Jaber Houshia, Mohammad Abu-Eid, Motasem Zaid


The purpose of the study was to evaluate the peroxide value and oil acidity of Nabali Baladi olive oil, which classifies the purity (grade) of olive oil. Peroxide value (PV) is relates to storage of the oil and measures chemical products that are produced through reaction with oxygen to ultimately cause rancidity. Once the process of oxidation that leads to rancidity starts, it happens very quickly. There is a snowball effect wherein oxidation takes place and the  oil then becomes rancid. The IOC standard is < 20 mEq O2 /kg oi for the perxode valuel. The IOC acidity test standard for free fatty acids in extra virgin olive oil is a maximum of 0.8, which higher than our results that ranged from 0.214- 0.743 for the acidity, and 1.54 to 15.14 for the peroxide value.  The same olive oil samples were analyzed spectrophotometerically at 232, 266, 270 and 274 nm using UV-Vis instrument, and showed exceptional Premium Ultra Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil (PUF-EVOO) quality.


Nabali Baladi; Olive oil; Peroxide value; Acidity; Delta-K; PUF-EVOO

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